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Accessible Healthcare for All Kids

In partnership with our friends at Montana Pediatrics, we’re proud to support you with On-demand Care for anyone ages 0-21. Accessible from any phone, tablet, or computer, a compassionate Montana-based provider is here for you with high-quality, low-cost, pediatric-specific care.

From sore throats and stomach aches to fevers, rashes, asthma, and anything in between, Montana Pediatrics is here to help put you at ease and help your child feel better.

This program is available regardless of your insurance coverage, and whether or not your child has an established primary care provider.

For our friends currently being served by the Abbie Shelter, care from Montana Pediatrics is available both day and night:

Monday – Friday
Overnight: 6:00pm – 7:30am
Daytime: 7:30am – 3:30pm>

Weekend Hours
6:00pm Friday to 7:30am Monday
(Open 24-hours all weekend)

Frequently Asked Questions

What ages of kids can be seen?

Anyone aged 0-21 can be seen via a Montana Pediatrics video visit. While most of the time it’s parents seeking care for their child, we can also support individuals seeking care for themselves until their 22nd birthday.

What kind of care is this for?

If your child is experiencing a true medical emergency, call 911. Otherwise, most concerns can be addressed through an after-hours telemedicine visit. Common concerns we address include fevers, sore throats, stomach aches, rashes, RSV, Influenza, Hand Foot and Mouth, ear infections, Conjunctivitis, sinus infections, skin conditions, bumps, bruises, cuts, sprains, and more. Even if you’re not sure what kind of care your child needs, an after-hours visit is always a great place to start.

Who are your providers?

We are a collaborative of pediatric providers from across the state of Montana. You can find the list of participating Montana Pediatrics providers here. You do not need to have an existing relationship with Montana Pediatrics or any of the providers on this list in order to receive pediatric care here.

Can my friends or other family members receive care from Montana Pediatrics?

Absolutely! Montana Pediatrics is on a mission to improve access to health care and health equity for ALL of Montana’s children. Anyone can access a visit via montanapediatrics.org

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