DiSH-MT May Session:
Family Support with MYDA



During this session, we met Tonya Fuhrmann, Founder and Executive Director of the Montana Youth Diabetes Alliance (MYDA). Tonya, who was diagnosed with Type 1 as a child, recognized the incredible gap in support that was left after the ADA ended the Montana-based chapter in 2019. Since its inception shortly after, MYDA has now grown to support hundreds of families of children with type 1 from across the state and offers different kinds of programming and support. We are hopeful the discussion will inform MYDA sessions on school support and how families can best set up their children for success at school.

Video Recap

Key Takeaways

MYDA offers reimbursements of up to $500 per child per year for help with out-of-pocket expenses associated with self-management supplies and networking resources to navigate diabetes-related support systems. This can include medical supplies like CGMs, insulin pumps, glucometers/strips, and medications in addition to non-medical support like low supplies (tabs, gel, juice, etc.), diabetes bags, medical alert bracelets/necklaces, and in some cases travel costs. If you have a student who may benefit from this kind of support, please see the MYDA Need Help page.

MYDA is expanding support for meetup groups across the state that foster a sense of community among children with type 1 and their families. Anyone with an idea for a meetup event (like bowling, a dinner, outdoor activity, etc), should contact Tonya about possible monetary support for the event. Current events take place mostly in the Helena-area, so meetups in other areas of the state are a priority!

In March, MYDA hosted its second-annual family retreat in Butte. Dozens of families from across the state attended and learned about many different topics associated with supporting their children. It is a goal to take information from school health personnel and present a topic next year on how parents can set their children up for success at school. If you have ideas, let us know!

What you should know about MYDA and family support…

MYDA is an organization that supports children of all ages with type 1 and their families, regardless of where they live in Montana.

Camp MYDA is a great opportunity for students to have the chance to meet their peers with type 1. Camp is August 5-9 this year and registration should open before May 15.

If a student you know (or their family) could benefit from peer support, MYDA is a great resource that can connect individuals in person or virtually to each other.