Frequently Asked Questions

On-Demand Care

When is Montana Pediatrics open for on-demand care?

For the most part, we open when primary care offices close, meaning were the only pediatric-specific form of care that is open overnight and on weekends!

Weekday Evenings/Nights
6:00pm to 7:30am Monday through Friday

6:00pm Friday to 7:30am Monday

How much does a visit cost?

We strive to be the most accessible form of pediatric-specific after-hours care in Montana whether you have health insurance or not.

We accept all forms of health insurance in Montana, including Montana Medicaid/Healthy Montana Kids (HMK). If you choose to use insurance for your visit, the cost will depend on your individual insurance plan, though typically a Montana Pediatrics on-demand visit will cost less than what you’d typically pay for an office visit.

If you choose to skip using health insurance or don’t have insurance, a cash-pay visit wil be $75.

For anyone worried about covering the cost of care, whether you have insurance or not, our financial assistance fund is easy to use and can cover the cost of your visit with us. For information on our financial assistance fund, please click here.

Why should I use Montana Pediatrics rather than other forms of care after hours?

Unfortunately, Montana is lacking when it comes to high-quality options for pediatric care on evenings and weekends. Traditional phone calls are limiting in their ability to provide for accurate diagnoses, urgent care clinics are filled with germs (and designed for adults!), and ERs are expensive avenues for care that should be reserved for true medical emergencies.

What kind of care should I use Montana Pediatrics for?

If your child is experiencing a true medical emergency, please call 911. Otherwise, a Montana Pediatrics on-demand visit is the perfect place to be for when you’re concerned about your child’s health. We see a wide range of cases every day, including things like stomachaches, colds, fevers, sore throats, pink eye, rashes, bug bites, sprains, scratches, head injuries, and more!

We often hear how surprised parents are by all of the things we can see and treat via telemedicine!

What if my child needs care that can’t be done via telemedicine?

An on-demand visit is still a really great place to start. While rare, if your child needs an elevated level of care beyond what we can do via a video-visit, we will help facilitate that transfer as much as possible.

  1. If your child needs specific testing done that requires an office visit, we will most often suggest you complete that testing with your child’s Primary Care Provider’s office. We’ll make sure the notes from your visit with us are sent to your child’s PCP to ensure everyone is on the same page about your child’s care.
  2. In the rare case your child does need to visit an emergency room, our providers will call the hospital you are going to and connect with the care team about your incoming child, provide background details, and provide a valuable pediatric-specific perspective.

My health insurance already comes with telemedicine. Why would I use Montana Pediatrics on-demand care instead?

That’s a great question! It has been great to see telemedicine being more utilized over the last several years, however there is no pediatric-specific option for telemedicine currently available to serve Montana families other than Montana Pediatrics.

Children are not just small versions of adults and therefore deserve intentional, specialized care.

Our team is comprised of only pediatric provides who not only specialize in caring for children, but are knowledgable about the resources available for Montana families – like knowing what pharmacies are available to you in the middle of the night, where you might need to go should additional testing be needed, and knowing one another!

General Information

What ages of children can be seen?

Our providers are available to children and young adults ages 0 (newborn) through 21 years old.

Who are your providers?

All pediatric-specific in their practice, our providers are local to Montana, allowing them the knowledge and understanding of our unique communities to give your family the best care possible.

You can see our list of providers here.

How does Montana Pediatrics work with my child’s own doctor?

Montana Pediatrics exists to complement the care Montana families receive from Primary Care rather than compete with it. We believe your child’s own doctor should always be in the know about your child’s care, and for this reason our team will send the notes to your child’s PCP via secure note transfer (if you indicate your child has a PCP during the account creation process) after your visit with us.

What if I am unsatisfied with my primary care provider or I do not have a PCP? Can you refer me to one?

We want children to have the best possible care, and we want you to have a great relationship with your providers. While we don’t make referrals to specific providers, we are happy to send over a list of providers in your area so that you can make an informed decision for your family.

What do you do with my child’s medical information?

When it comes to your health information, you have certain rights. Please see our Notice of Privacy Practices.

I have a question about my bill, who do I contact?

If you have billing questions, please contact us and someone from our administrative team will reach out shortly.

Still have unanswered questions?

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