Together, We Can Do More

Montana Pediatrics was founded on the idea that improved access to pediatric care and improved quality of life for practitioners can both be achieved if providers across the state of Montana come together.

Pediatric physicians and nurse practitioners across the state are coming together through Montana Pediatrics to ensure Montana’s children have high-quality, accessible pediatric care whenever and wherever they need it.

As a continually growing collaborative, we are on a mission to improve access to health care and health equity for all of Montana’s children.


Our Success & Impact on Montana

new dollars invested into Montana’s healthcare economy
miles driving saved for obtaining comparable care
hours of annual access to pediatric-specific care where none existed before
clinics and health systems now supporting local versus out-of-state care

Benefiting Montana’s Pediatric Care Providers

Practicing healthcare has become increasingly difficult, particularly when considering the decreasing number of providers choosing to practice in rural communities alongside noticeable levels of provider burnout. Through coordinated teamwork, Montana Pediatrics is giving isolated providers a professional community to lean on and all providers the ability to “sign-out” knowing their patients will still be covered with quality, pediatric care.

Our Priorities

Access & Equity

Provide access to high-quality, low-cost, pediatric-specific care for all children in Montana regardless of their geographic location or family’s ability to pay.

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A Connected Healthcare Infrastructure

Grow and maintain a collaborative network of care for every pediatric provider in Montana to feel supported by their peers and a technological backbone that enables information and services to flow seamlessly and proactively across traditionally competitive health systems despite inherent barriers caused by increased fragmentation.

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Sustainability & Scalability

Uphold the resilience of Montana’s healthcare economy with programs that embody our mission, are financially sustainable, and are relevant to diverse communities and provider needs.

Sustainability A Sustainability B

Our Programs

Through each of our programs, we strive to create opportunities for providers to collaborate and for technology to aid in transcending our state’s vast geography. Our commitment is to improve the lives of Montana’s children, drive down the cost of medical care for families, and support our state’s primary care infrastructure.

On-Demand Care
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We provide families with after-hours pediatric-specific care that doesn’t compromise convenience or continuity, all while improving pediatric providers’ work-life balance by reducing the need to be on-call any given night or weekend.

More on Our work with On-Demand Care
Complex Care Coordination
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Complex Care Coordination

We are working to establish a family-centered system of care for children with medical complexities. This program is dedicated to addressing the greatest challenges of coordination and continuation of care for children and youth with special healthcare needs.

More on Our Work with Complex Care Coordination
Indigenous Child Health Partnerships
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Indigenous Child Health Partnerships

Since 2020, we have worked alongside rural and urban indigenous nations across Montana on developing quality, accessible, culturally informed, and tribally-led systems of pediatric care delivery.

More on Our Work with Indigenous Child Health Partnerships
Type 1 Diabetes Support
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Type 1 Diabetes Support

By supporting school health personnel with customized education and partnering on data-driven initiatives for advancing care, we’re committed to enhancing the diagnosis and care experience for Montana’s children with Type 1 Diabetes and their families.

More on Our Work about Type 1 Diabetes Support
Pediatric Mental and Behavioral Health
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Pediatric Mental and Behavioral Health

In response to Montana’s childhood mental health crisis, we are piloting a new program that offers virtual psychiatric and therapeutic consultations and medication management while prioritizing the existing relationship between families and their child’s usual place of care.

More on Our Work with Pediatric Mental and Behavioral Health
Non-Profit Community Partnerships
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Non-Profit Community Partnerships

In partnership with organizations that provide social safety net services like housing, relief from domestic violence, and youth mentoring, we support families with access to pediatric care without barriers like transportation and strict appointment times that often accompany in-person clinical care.

More on Our Work with Non-Profit Community Partnerships
Employer Benefits
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Employer Benefits

We are partnering with Montana-based employers to offer family-centered workforce benefits an extension of our On-Demand Care program, saving employees and employers alike from hours of worry and days of missed work or school for child health needs.

Our Team, the Dedicated People behind Montana Pediatrics

Our Providers

Across 14 different clinics and health systems in the state, our team of providers is collaborating to bring the convenience of technology-enabled care to the children of Montana.

Meet Our Providers

Our Staff

Innovators and problem-solvers working together to improve access to high-quality pediatric care for families.

Meet Our Staff

Our Board

Healthcare and community leaders who are dedicated to thinking differently about pediatric healthcare delivery in our rural state.

Meet Our Board

Our Founding Partners

Logan Children Shodair

Our Trusted Healthcare Partners

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Support Our Efforts

Our efforts are supported by grants and donations from public and private organizations as well as the generosity of individuals. If you are interested in helping us deliver affordable, high-quality pediatric care, please donate.

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Our History

As a pediatrician-founded organization, Montana Pediatrics was born in response to increasingly limited access to pediatric-specific care and the rapidly waning primary care workforce of Montana. Over the years, it has grown to provide 5,500 hours of access to after-hours care, each year, for all of Montana’s children, and many more for other underserved populations across the state.


Launched the first iteration of an after-hours collaborative model, offering care from 6:00 to 10:00 pm on weekdays and four to eight hours on weekends


Teamed up with local telepresenters from a tribal health program to enhance pediatric care from within school-based health clinics despite dedicated providers being hundreds of miles away


Selected as one of five demonstration sites nationwide by HRSA to establish and improve systems of care for children with medical complexity


Expanded after-hours coverage to every night and weekend, adding 6,000 hours of newly accessible pediatric care for families


Received a $1 million grant from the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation to grow access to on-demand pediatric care for Montana’s most rural families

Let’s Build Together!

We design and build programs collaboratively with the communities that we serve. We are eager to grow our network, receive feedback about our existing programs, and collaborate on ideas for new ones.

Whether you’re a provider interested in joining a collaborative, a manager looking for ways to support your clinic, or just want to discuss new ideas for how to bridge medical gaps faced by families in Montana, we’d love to hear from you.

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