Hey Montana families, you deserve more on evenings and weekends!

Montana Pediatrics provides on-demand, video-based care for all kiddos ages 0-21.

We’re currently closed! Check back during our hours of operation.
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When your child’s primary care provider’s office is closed, Montana Pediatrics is open.

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Available Nights, Weekends & Holidays

  • Mon – Fri: 6:00pm – 7:30am
  • Sat – Sun: 24hrs
  • All Major Holidays: 24hrs
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Easy & Convenient

  • Available for anyone ages 0-21
  • Average time in virtual waiting room is less than 5 minutes.
  • Join from any device with a camera and microphone (computer, tablet, or smartphone) right from home.
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Affordable for All Families

  • We take all major insurance and will work with your insurance company. If you prefer to self-pay without insurance, a standard visit starts at $75.
  • We will always take care of your kiddos, regardless of your ability to pay! Don’t let visit costs be a burden on your family. Learn more about how financial assistance can help
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Greater Comfort for Your Kids

  • No busy, germ-filled urgent care or ED clinics with unfamiliar faces.
  • Avoid poking and prodding from strangers – as parents, you can help with the home-based exam alongside our provider.
  • No need to remember every detail of your visit, we send the notes right to your primary care provider so they stay in the know.
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High Quality Pediatric-Specific Care

  • Able to provide care for anything from fevers and runny noses to cuts and respiratory concerns.
  • Care is provided with the highest commitment to the families we serve. Learn more about how to have a successful visit
  • Dedicated support for your child when they need it, regardless of the care path your family chooses.
Support Montana
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Let’s Support & Build Up Montana

  • Urgent Care locations and ERs are designed for adults, we are the only pediatric-specific solution in the state after hours.
  • We keep care within the state with providers who understand our local communities: By Montana providers, for Montana families.
  • Montana Pediatrics is a Montana-based non-profit organization. Learn more about our programs

Still have questions?

Visit our How On-demand Care Works Page to learn more about on-demand pediatric care, watch video tutorials, and find answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Visit Our How On-Demand Works Page

What Montanans Are Saying about Our On-demand Care

Pediatric Care for All Families – No Matter Where in Montana

We believe Montana families deserve more: high-quality, low-cost, accessible and pediatric-specific care.

When a child’s doctor’s office is closed, most Montana families find themselves having to choose between expensive emergency rooms and urgent cares, online searches of symptoms, or forgoing care altogether.

As an organization that is committed to caring for all of Montana’s children, we hope you never feel alone with a worry about your child’s health – we’re so happy you’re here.

Children of Montana who can utilize On-demand Care
of needs can be handled without needing an in-office visit
potential trips to the emergency room avoided in 2023
average wait time before connecting with a provider
Learn More about Our Impact

The Team behind On-demand Care


Super Dedicated Providers

We are fortunate to partner with a team of doctors and nurse practitioners who work every day in clinics and hospitals across Montana. In addition to their normal job commitments, they band together and work with us to ensure all families have access to pediatric care from the comfort of home. Since all of our providers are Montana locals you may see a familiar face during an exam!

Meet our Team of Providers

Healthcare Community Builders

We collaborate, innovate, and solve problems as a team to bring greater access health care for all parents and guardians in Montana. We aim to bridge the gaps of rural health care and build new programs to increase access to health care and health equity for all of Montana’s children.

Meet the Staff Learn More about What We Do

There’s no instruction manual for being a parent.

Montana Pediatrics’ on-demand care is here on nights, weekends, and holidays for all of your healthcare questions

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